BBC World Affairs Producer Stuart Hughes explains how he uses social media as a newswire

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Over the past couple of weeks as I got more involved with the association of news and social media, I came across the name of Stuart Hughes multiple times.

He is a BBC journalist and producer who is on the forefront of using social media as a news source. In the past there would only be one source available: the ENPS (Essential News Production System) or Newswire, but in the present with rise of social media this piece of software has faded more and more into the background.

At this time Mr. Hughes is not using RTreporter (yet!) but he does make very strong points for using social media as tool for sourcing news stories.

Here is video of Stuart explaining how social media has benefited him as a journalist:

If you do not want to watch the full half hour here are some the things that are being stated. Social media as a news source allows:

•Producing better stories
•Getting news faster
•Finding more sources
•Reflecting more views
•Knowing what matters to the audience

RTreporter provides one of the easiest and most efficient ways to track twitter for news stories without following particularly any groups or people. It will tell you what is going on and help you to get as much out of twitter as Mr. Stuart Hughes.



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