RTreporter very quick in #TDF Cavendish Affaire on Twitter

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Emotions run very high in the Tour the France and every kilometre of every etappe is scrutinised carefully on Twitter. So RTreporter of course made a dashboard to follow everything that happens before, during and after every race.

During the etappe on Tuesday 09 July the famous British cyclist Mark Cavendish came in contact with Dutch cyclist Tom Veelers and supposedly knocked him off his bike intentionally. Whether or not it was intentional the warm blooded French fans of “le Tour de France” did not care for this action and the reputation of Mr. Cavendish was shot. So much so that a distraught fan threw urine at him during his time trial on Wednesday.

The team mate of Mr. Cavendish, Jérôme Pineau, tweeted about the incident at 12:35. RTreporter picked up the first signs at 12:36. Now lets find out how quick some of the news agencies picked up the story shown in the table below.

Taking into account that an article needs some writing time that takes a couple of minutes it still easy to see that RTreporter could possibly have given that edge that could have made one these outlets the absolute winner!

Media Outlet Time
Twitter 12:35
Telegraaf 12:53
Het belang van Limburg 12:53 12:58 13:00 13:00 13:15 13:20
Metronieuws 13:32 13:35 13:46 13:52


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