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What does it do?

RTreporter is an early warning system for information or events. The innovative dashboard is designed to provide users with a real time insight into Twitter traffic.

RTreporter will not tell you what you are looking for, but it will show you what is going on in the world right now.

Other solutions only allow you to track words that you provide. An airline, for example, would want to track words such as:

  • aeroplane
  • stewardess
  • peanuts
  • a competitor’s brand name

The keywords will provide relevant information on these subjects but will fail to detect an ash-cloud that could cut an entire continent off.


This gives users a huge advantage as they ‘ride the wave’ of an event or get hold of a piece of information before their competitors.

Because of the way the dashboard refreshes its information, a clear picture emerges in real time as an event evolves from just a few Tweets to a major event capturing the attention of the wider world. Be there at the start and an event will unfold in front of your eyes.

The additional functionality of INSIGHT and TRACE allows you to get a clearer picture of what’s going on, check facts and gather additional data to support a decision.

The cleverly designed dashboard allows you to see multiple events at the same time so you will not miss a thing.



For Reporters Services

RTreporter was originally designed to be a tool for reporters, journalists and editors. It is hard now a days to find a news room where the staff is not using any form of Twitter dashboard to monitor politicians or other sources. Read more

For Sports Services

RTreporter is a great solution for sports writers or sports clubs. The sports dashboard is always showing all the ins and out on players, transfers, games etc. The sports dashboard can be configured for sports in general, or a particular sport, league or even match. Read more

For Emergency Services

Emergency services benefit as much as ever of up to date information. Many events, positive and negative, can be followed step by step on Twitter. Also the traditional police scanner is being replaced by Tweets containing al sorts of information. A powerful tool to monitor events an information is now available. Read more

For Stockbrockers

Are you looking for that edge on the stock-market? Do you make split second decisions and need to be on top of the news? RTreporter is an excellent companion for stockbrokers or anyone who buys and sells on the market. Read more

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