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Dutch Payments Association helps partners with TRACK

One of the first customers of RTreporters TRACK was Currence the predecessor of “Betaalvereniging Nederland” or The Dutch Payments Association.

The Dutch Payments Association was officially established at the end of 2011. The Payments Association organises the collective tasks in the national payment system for its members.[1]

The members of the Payments Association are providers of payment services on the Dutch market: banks, payment institutions and electronic money institutions. The Payments Association coordinates the collective tasks of its members in the areas of infrastructure, standards and shared product features. These are aimed at ensuring the most effective, safe, reliable and efficient payment system possible.[2]


It hardly needs explaining that when payment traffic is disrupted in any way, it could seriously affect the consumer, retailers and banks.  Therefore it is crucial that when a system has a failure the stakeholders in the payment traffic need to be informed in the earliest stage possible.

“This is where RTreporter TRACK and its alerting function comes in.” says Frans Persijn, responsible for rick management at the Dutch Payments Association. “I set RTreporter to send me an email or SMS when the words Pinstoring (paymentinterference) is tweeted 4 times or more within 25 minutes. In 90% of the times this happens something is actually wrong.”

Consumer information

By using Twitter as a source Frans is able to get the information from consumers sometimes even one hour before the regular systems pick up the failure. By being this much faster they can spot the mistake earlier and inform the stakeholders. The supermarket or bank that has the problem can now take preemptive action by informing the public themselves, if necessary, instead it getting picked up by the media and being liable for damages.

RTreporters TRACK is a great tool for monitoring Twitter if you have a specific topic in mind. It gives you all sorts of data that is easily downloadable. The truly unique alerting feature allows you to save a lot of time monitoring a tool and still be the first to know about a significant event.