Omroep West

After the successful usage of RTreporter by the most popular news website in the Netherlands “”, other news parties were interested as well. We received a lot of questions about if it would be possible let the dashboard portray only a certain type of information. The Netherlands are divided in 12 regions or provinces. Each of these regions has at least one news-agency responsible for that particular region.

For Omroep West (the regional news-agency) for a part of the Zuid-Holland provence) the challenge was to visualise all of the twitter data that is potentially news worthy for that particular region an exclude everything that happens in the rest of the country. This was accomplished by creating two filters: a positive filter for scraping everything that happened inside Zuid-Holland and a negative filter to exclude everything outside of that region.

After some very positive first results the key to success was to filter out some of the inevitable mistakes such as city names and highways that are found in multiple provinces. Now the dashboard generates leads for multiple articles a day. Varying from serious news to light entertainment.